Thesis projects and finished theses with the cryptology and data security research research group at the University of Bern and in the Swiss Joint Master in Computer Science.

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Many projects address theory and practice of cryptology and data security; some are purely theoretic but very few are only of practical nature.

Available projects for B.Sc. and M.Sc. theses

Further projects in the research domain of the group are possible. If you would like to suggest a topic for a thesis project, please contact a team member to discuss your idea.

These projects are intended for computer-science students at the University of Bern and those enrolled in the Swiss Joint Master of Science in Computer Science. We do not offer any internships.

Posted Title Type Contact Status
Aug 2020 Blockchain consensus protocols based on stake MSc Giorgia Marson
Christian Cachin
Jul 2020 Multiparty computation on Blockchain MSc Orestis Alpos Available
Jul 2020 Security analysis of Avalanche MSc Ignacio Amores Sesar Available
Mar 2020 Blockchain-based Decentralized Exchanges MSc Giorgia Marson
Luca Zanolini
Jan 2020 Secret Santa using multiparty computation MSc Orestis Alpos Available
Oct 2019 Homomorphic encryption and applications to blockchain BSc/MSc Alex Pellegrini Available

Current thesis projects

Semester Title Type Advisor Student
HS2020 Provably robust Proof-of-Stake protocols MSc Giorgia Marson Arbër Kuçi
HS2020 Distributed protocols in DFINITY BSc Jovana Micic Michael Senn
HS2020 The library of distributed protocols MSc Jovana Micic Aleksandar Lazic
FS2020 Randomness and Games on Ethereum MSc Luca Zanolini
Ignacio Amores Sesar
Peter Allemann
FS2020 Security of the Phantom Blockchain Protocol BSc Ignacio Amores Sesar Luca Bulletti
HS2019 Blockchain and BlockDAG Protocols BSc Ignacio Amores Sesar Luca Althaus

Completed thesis projects

Date completed Title Type Advisor Student
FS2020 Using polynomial systems to decode binary linear codes BSc Alex Pellegrini Annina Helmy
FS2020 Implementing Byzantine-fault tolerant algorithms in DistAlgo BSc Orestis Alpos
Luca Zanolini
Roland Widmer
FS2020 BLS Signatures in PROTECT MSc Christian Cachin Patrick Hodel
HS2019 Threshold cryptography with Tendermint Core MSc Christian Cachin Nathalie Froidevaux
HS2019 Evaluating the B3 Condition in Asymmetric Quorums BSc Orestis Alpos Sabine Brunner
FS2019 Execution of Smart Contracts with ARM TrustZone MSc Christian Cachin, Pascal Felber (UniNE) Christina Müller
HS2019 Generalized Quorums for Consensus BSc Orestis Alpos, Christian Cachin Angela Keller
FS2019 Security Analysis of Ripple Consensus
(available on request)
MSc Christian Cachin Jovana Micic

Instructions and templates for theses

Once you have agreed with your supervisor on a topic and on a start- and end-date, fill in the corresponding form and complete the respective procedure:


Every thesis must be presented near the completion or at the end of the project. Usually this occurs during the semester, within the regular seminar organized by the Cryptology and Data Security group. BSc students must also attend the seminar as a regular participant and get credit for it. The seminar’s title may vary; see the course page for details. You should agree with your supervisor in the initial stage of the thesis on where and when to present your work.


For archiving software and thesis report, log in once to the INF gitlab server with your Campus Account (small login box at the bottom). This creates your user representation inside the server. Then ask your supervisor to create a repository for the project under the group crypto-students according to the pattern: 

Thesis template

For a BSc thesis a sample template is available on the Cryptography and Data Security group website.

For a Msc thesis, the sample template is available on JMCS website.

Together with the original thesis submission, a signed declaration (“Erklärung”) must be included, in which the candidate confirms that she/he personally authored the work.


Theses are written in English. Refer to a manual of style for guidance on writing scientific texts.


After finishing the thesis, follow the steps to graduate.