Jovana Micic

Ph.D. student

Jovana Micic

Cryptology and Data Security Group
Institute of Computer Science
University of Bern
Neubr├╝ckstrasse 10
3012 Bern, Switzerland

Office 110

About me

I have joined Cryptology and Data Security Group in September 2019. as a PhD student. Currently, my work is focused on security analysis of Ripple Consensus Protocol.

I have acquired my BSc degree in Computer Science at The Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia. My bachelor thesis was Security in e-commerce systems where I have studied and implemented top three attacks on web applications.

After finishing my bachelor degree, I moved to Switzerland where I started my master studies in Computer Science at the University of Bern. I graduated in August 2019 and my master thesis was Security Analysis of Ripple consensus protocol supervised by Prof. Christian Cachin.

I speak Serbian, English and German.