Cryptology and Data Security Research Group

The Cryptology and Data Security Research Group at the Institute of Computer Science of the University of Bern investigates security and privacy in a digital world.

Our research addresses cryptographic protocols, distributed consistency, consensus, and cloud-computing security, with applications to blockchains, distributed ledger technology, cryptocurrencies, and their economics.

Team in March 2021

Security and privacy are at stake in the information society, threatened by the enormous developments in networks, cloud, and mobile. Information technology has already revolutionized many aspects today’s life. Finding a balance between the practical convenience of being “always online”, current business practices, the changing demands of society, and the privacy and security concerns of individual people represents one of the great open questions of our time.

Cryptography and data security provide techniques to answer this question.

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  • How to Trust Strangers

    Trust is the basis of any distributed, fault-tolerant, or secure system. A trust assumption specifies the failures that a system, such as a blockchain network, can tolerate and determines the conditions under...
  • Seminar Civil Law and Computer Science

    In the spring term 2021, the Institute for Civil Law and the Institute of Computer Science jointly organized an interdisciplinary seminar with participants from the Faculty of Law and from the Faculty...
  • Synchronization power of smart contracts

    Our recent research on the synchronization power of smart contracts explores the scalability of blockchain networks. Modern blockchains support a variety of distributed applications beyond cryptocurrencies, including smart contracts, which let users...