Cryptology and Data Security Research Group

The Cryptology and Data Security Research Group at the Institute of Computer Science of the University of Bern investigates security and privacy in a digital world.

Our research addresses cryptographic protocols, distributed consistency, consensus, and cloud-computing security, with applications to blockchains, distributed ledger technology, cryptocurrencies, and their economics.

Team in June 2022

Security and privacy are at stake in the information society, threatened by the enormous developments in networks, cloud, and mobile. Information technology has already revolutionized many aspects today’s life. Finding a balance between the practical convenience of being “always online”, current business practices, the changing demands of society, and the privacy and security concerns of individual people represents one of the great open questions of our time.

Cryptography and data security provide techniques to answer this question.

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Recent news (see all news)

  • Ph.D. degree for Orestis Alpos

    On 23 August 2023, Orestis Alpos defended successfully his Ph.D. thesis “Distributed protocols with threshold and general trust assumptions”. The external examiner was Jesper Buus Nielsen from Aarhus University. Congratulations!
  • Summer retreat 2023 in Ligerz

    The CRYPTO group organized a retreat in Ligerz on beautiful Bielersee in July. All members gave insight into their current research work and explored future research ideas together. Everyone also presented some...
  • Welcome, Jayamine Alupotha and Michael Senn

    In May and July 2023, two researchers joined the team. Jayamine Alupotha obtained a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia, with specialization in cryptography. She...