Master Thesis

Refined security analysis of Ripple consensus

The Ripple network [1] one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the market. Its consensus protocol is interesting because it does not use any energy-hungry proof-of-work mechanism. Thus it is an important pillar in the transition to eco-friendly alternatives to Bitcoin. Several studies have been previously carried out that analyzed the security of the protocol [2,3]. The goal of this project consists of refining and extending these analyses, to take into account the most recent updates of the Ripple protocol.


[1] Ripple

[2] Brad Chase, Ethan MacBrough: Analysis of the XRP Ledger Consensus Protocol.

[3] Ignacio Amores-Sesar, Christian Cachin, Jovana Micic: Security Analysis of Ripple Consensus. OPODIS 2020.

Contact Ignacio Amores Sesar or Jovana Micic for more information.

Nature of the project: Theory 60%, Systems 40%.