Interdisciplinary Seminar in Civil Law and Computer Science - Distributed Trust in Finance

Civil law and computer science

The Institute for Civil Law and the Institute of Computer Science organize an interdisciplinary seminar in the spring 2023 semester. The topic will be Distributed Trust in Finance. Students of computer science and law will collaborate on questions that arise from tensions between the progressing digitalization of the world and the existing law. Participants will work in interdisciplinary groups to realize a mock business case and solve technical and legal problems.

The seminar is intended for students at the master level, and on the computer science side it is integrated in the Master in Computer Science.

An information event takes place on November 30, 17:30h and pre-registration for the seminar is needed ahead of the semester. (This is unlike other seminars at the Institute of Computer Science, but according to tradition in the Faculty of Law.)

More information is available under Courses.